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  •  MI? I'll tell my daughter to steer clear! (12+ / 0-)

    Funny thing is every year IL recognizes the top 10% of seniors. My daughter had no GPA related honors at her high school but was recognized as top 10% by the State. Her friends who had the top GPAs honors at her high school weren't recognized by the State. I'm not sure the criteria they use because her friends had higher GPAs, lower ACTs, similar sports, and much less volunteer work.

    Most of her friends got into WI and IL, but not MI. My daughter was rejected by WI -- when she would have been 3rd generation -- and deferred by IL. Yet she was accepted in the first batch of MI students. At the time she would have preferred WI over MI, but when she went to visit her friends at WI she realized that that she would have been very unhappy there.

    I think most schools know what they are looking for and have a feel for who will succeed at their school. It just frightens me that MI picked both this woman and my daughter!

    •  U of M alumna here (3+ / 0-)
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      I was a resident of MI at the time and only applied to state schools (my parents put 6 kids through college).  There was no essay.  I had a 3.8 and somewhere between a 1240 to 1280 (I took them several times and can't remember) SAT and my ACT was very high too.  I applied early and was accepted by early November.  

      I don't know what criteria universities use, and they are probably all different.  I do know they want geographic diversity so that is probably why this east coast kid got into midwest schools.  But families in the northeast especially place high priority on the IV league.  If you just look at the number of applications, not everyone with a 4 point or higher is going to get in.  A kid with a high gpa and SAT's will get into a top university, just maybe not the one at the top of the list.

      That said, this kid is obnoxious and clueless.  Surprise, there are minority kids with high IQ's, high gpa's and high test scores.  Universities do not want clones.  And the whole idea that it's a rat race and that if you are the top of the top, you will get into whatever university you want is not true.  Legacies with big donor parents (think W) take precedence over your little SAT score.

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