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    And for the most part those who go to Mid-State U will do just fine in life, in fact they may learn a valuable fact of life earlier than those who go to MIT.

    This is a very odd statement. If it were true, then all of the Mid State U graduates would be smarter, more hardworking, and more successful than all of the MIT graduates. And yet, on average, I'm pretty sure that isn't the case. They will do "just fine", but the MIT graduates will probably do "better." (on average, of course)

    And for the most part, lots of people who went to an "elite" got rejected elsewhere they really wanted to go-- eg, people at Columbia and UPenn had a reputation back in the 90s for people full of embittered people who got rejected from Harvard and Yale.

    At the end of the day, I've heard it said that, "Your hardest problem is your hardest problem." In our sour-grapes thinking, we do like to think that the benefit of being a "salt of the earth, jes' folks, 'normal' person" is that it "confers a lot of Important Life Lessons™ that other people won't get, but that's not really true. Life lessons come in all places, generally as long as you're struggling and always trying to push your limits.

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