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View Diary: Looks Like Durbin Backing Chained CPI (187 comments)

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  •  Thanks - there was a reason why I put my money (3+ / 0-)
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    Involuntary Exile, sidnora, JesseCW

    into Roth IRA's... If they resend that advantage....  I have a TIAA/CREF from the last place I worked.  It can't be rolled over to anything else at all and nothing can be added (other than the 'natural' growth of the acct) since I no longer work at that place.  So, that's going to grow on with what's currently in it.  My new place of employment allows for Roth 401k's, or 'traditional' 401k's.  I'm 47, so there's 19-20 years before I can start to draw on them.  The accounts have a current paper value of 187k - seriously doubt that I'll ever hit that 3 million mark.  However, the idea of taxing the Roth IRA upon distribution is disturbing.....

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