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View Diary: Looks Like Durbin Backing Chained CPI (187 comments)

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  •  Corporate Democrats, Rockefeller Republicans (0+ / 0-)

    Your votes are already accounted for in their models.  You are a part of a predictable mass.  Democracy died when the social science behind campaigning turned into an honest-to-got statistical science.  Money puts out a message, people get all panicked and vote, and at the end of the day money's candidates do what money wants.  

    Democracy or capitalism.  Where one grows the other fades.

    •  You could take the money out of politics (0+ / 0-)

      Just saying...

      I repeatedly claimed that Obama would never propose cuts to social security. I was wrong. Then again, I also claimed, repeatedly, that Rick Perry would win the 2012 Election, and that The Supreme Court would overturn Health Care Reform.

      by NoFortunateSon on Sun Apr 14, 2013 at 01:41:58 PM PDT

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