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  •  East Bay Good Morning (16+ / 0-)

    Cheers to a job interview next Monday for a position at a summer camp for developmentally disabled kids, teens, and adults.  They're looking for 2 RNs and my friend is also interviewing; it'd be great if we both got the job.

    Chjeers to taking a neonatal resuscitation protocol (NRP) class this Friday with said friend.  I should've realized that I'm not really interested in labor and delivery before saying yes.  Oh well, looks good on the ol' résumé.

    Cheers to learning about esophageal cancer through volunteering for community outreach events.  It's the fastest growing cancer (up 400% in the past 3 years). Reflux is huge risk factor.  And who knew that it could be non-acidic?  Bile could also back up and neutralize the stomach acid.  Other risk factors: Caucasian, male, obese, smokes, and drinks, although the guest speaker, former Rep. Ellen Tauscher, had esophageal cancer but none of the risk factors.  She ended up having an esophagectomy.  Proton pump inhibitors mask the symptoms, so if you have reflux regularly, please get checked out.

    Cheers to PT working on my right shoulder.  After only 4 sessions, I'm regaining some range of motion.

    Cheers to a very nice memorial service for my uncle last week in L.A., but jeers to L.A. traffic.

    Cheers to free admission at the Getty Museum (they only charge for parking).

    Cheers to BiPM, CSM, and all here.  Have a great day!

    "...I am superficially and ingenuously offended, which is to say, not offended, but suspicious that perhaps I should be." --Gentle Giant

    by Maudlin on Mon Apr 15, 2013 at 06:52:48 AM PDT

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