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  •  CHEERS and yawns (13+ / 0-)

    I didn't plan to be up this early (remember I'm on the WEST Coast). But here I am. I've narrowed the back problem down to a muscle near my right shoulder blade. If a massage doesn't work--and I've scheduled one for Wednesday--I will call the doctor. I'll also tell the trainer, when I see him tonight, that we need to take it veeerrrry easy. The discomfort's not too bad as long as I don't roll over in my sleep. Unfortunately I usually do.

    I wanted to be at work early anyway.

    JEERS to the sequester and JEERS to Chained-CPI.

    CHEERS to all of last night's sprinkles being over. And now it's sunny though the wind will kick up again this afternoon. Supposed to warm up as the week goes by and next weekend should be downright glorious.

    CHEERS to conquering and being conquered by the notorious Marshall Wall last Saturday. I mentioned the upcoming ride last in last Friday's Rum & Coke edition; what I hadn't mentioned was the high wind warnings. Only a small section of the climb is really steep but if you're faced with 10% grade AND a 30-mile-an-hour crosswind, sometimes the safest thing to do is get off your bike and walk for a bit. It was actually kinda scary. The remaining 1.5 miles of climb was doable even with the wind. I stopped a couple of times because...well, because I was supposed to be tracking the slowest of our riders so I needed to wait for her. I was able to find a sheltered spot to do that at. At least the scenery was pretty and once we were done with the climb there were tailwinds.

    From my little space of respite here you can see Tomales Bay with Point Reyes in the background.


    And looking south, that's the tip of Mount Tamalpais.


    Here comes the aforementioned last rider. She was not happy.


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