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    MM is from Montco (though not in-district, IIRC) as well.  Isn't it more likely that MM forces Arkoosh out of the race, and then it's just a question of how broad Boyle's appeal is? (Also worth noting: Leach is a NE Phila native.)

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      PA-13's slice of NE Philly makes up 52% of the district's population and certainly has a higher percentage of registered Democrats than PA-13's slice does.

      If NE Philly's establishment lines up behind Boyle, like Boss Brady already has, and Marc Cohen either becomes a non-factor or drops out, it's going to take a united front behind one MontCo Dem for a MontCo Dem to win the primary.

      Leach may have lived in NE Philly 30 years ago, but his style and his brand of politics are not good fits for the Great Northeast. Cohen, as progressive as Leach, will prevent Leach from picking up any real amount or crossover because they're ideologically very similar and he already represents NE Philly (but it's worth noting that I see Cohen eventually dropping out of the primary), even if he ends up a non-factor.

      Leach's candidacy hurts Arkoosh or MMM's candidacy (they're pretty interchangeable, both in political views and style, and I can't imagine both stick in the race) through dividing the MontCo Democratic vote in the primary.

      Point is, if Boyle gets all of the important labor and officeholder endorsements in NE Philly, it's going to take a united front by MontCo Dems to beat a single NE Philly candidate.

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      by IllinoyedR on Tue Apr 16, 2013 at 12:09:21 PM PDT

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