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  •  ugh what? (0+ / 0-)

    that's the truth. Whether you like it or not.

    NY-9/NJ-10; Russians can give you arms but only the United States can give you a solution. -- Anwar Sadat

    by BKGyptian89 on Tue Apr 16, 2013 at 01:58:36 PM PDT

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    •  What? That Emily's List supports only woman. (0+ / 0-)

      Duh! That's so freaking obvious. It's been their mission since the started in the 80's. Besides Niki Tinker and perhaps a few more, I can't think of any off the top of my head, please tell me what was wrong with the candidates they've supported?

      •  Scroll up and also read "no disrespect to them..." (0+ / 0-)

        Mr. Gorbachev, establish an Electoral College!

        by tommypaine on Tue Apr 16, 2013 at 02:09:53 PM PDT

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        •  Just because that disclaimer is there (0+ / 0-)

          doesn't mean anything. I could say no disrespect, but your an idiot. Not you of course, just an example.

          •  While that is true (4+ / 0-)
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            HoosierD42, IllinoyedR, jncca, ArkDem14

            You answered a six paragraph post with three letters, and then ignored the reasons stated in the post in your second reply to ask a question that was answered in the post.

            Your opinion obviously differs, but "ugh" is not helpful, and then not engaging the words written isn't helpful either.

            This is hardly ugh-worthy, even if you might be among those who disagree:

            It's best to evaluate candidates base on strengths and weaknesses, and who you feel has a better chance in the general. Not just blindly support a candidate just because she's a woman.

            Mr. Gorbachev, establish an Electoral College!

            by tommypaine on Tue Apr 16, 2013 at 02:18:46 PM PDT

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          •  *you're (2+ / 0-)
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            HoosierD42, Audrid

            Home: North Shore of Illinois, College: Main Line of Pennsylvania (PA-07)

            by IllinoyedR on Tue Apr 16, 2013 at 03:12:40 PM PDT

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          •  Well, they supported (2+ / 0-)
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            betelgeux, ArkDem14

            the less liberal Elizabeth Esty over Chris Donovan.  In retrospect, considering his scandal, that was smart, but that wasn't their rationale.

            Nikki Tinker is definitely the most egregious.

            Sheila Smoot was better than Terri Sewell, and that was a Safe D seat so electability didn't have to play into it.

            But more importantly, the idea that a woman is more deserving of an office than a man just because she is a man is no better than the idea that a White person is more deserving than a Black person, or a man more deserving than a woman, or a straight person more deserving than a queer one.

            20, CA-18 (home), CA-13 (school)
            Socially libertarian, moderate on foreign policy, immigration, and crime, liberal on everything else.
            UC Berkeley; I think I'm in the conservative half of this city. -.4.12, -4.92

            by jncca on Tue Apr 16, 2013 at 03:30:36 PM PDT

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            •  Those are very different (4+ / 0-)
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              James Allen, ndrwmls10, askew, bumiputera

              because certain groups (women, LGBT people, black people) are underrepresented in positions of power, and in a more general sense, historically screwed over by society at large. I think getting more of them into office is a valid aim. Now, I'm not going to be donating to EMILY's List anytime soon, due to the fact that they sometimes pick the less progressive candidate just because she's female (and also the fact that I don't have much to throw around). But I do generally look on them favorably as an organization.

              Yes, it is bread we fight for -- but we fight for roses, too! | Pro-transit young black urban progressive | SSP/DKE | -9, -7.79 | MO-05: come for the jazz, stay for the burnt ends | Yard signs don't vote.

              by gabjoh on Tue Apr 16, 2013 at 07:38:20 PM PDT

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        •  Not that anyone has to be respectful (0+ / 0-)

          to a political organization. They don't get to misrepresent it.

          •  BKG (1+ / 0-)
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            James Allen

            Accurately represented EMILY's List.

            Now, I will say in EMILY's defense that they don't tend to endorse unless the female candidate in question is well-positioned to win (Nikki Tinker being an obvious exception), but BKG is absolutely right that they support women over men regardless of the candidates' relative progressivity, which in my opinion is a mistake.

            25, Practical Progressive Democrat (-9.38, -8.51), Gay, IN-02 - Defeat Wacky Jackie for 2014!

            by HoosierD42 on Tue Apr 16, 2013 at 03:05:31 PM PDT

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      •  Im not going to support a candidate just because (0+ / 0-)

        she happens to be a woman. I support a candidate base on who I think is the most electable, and who has the best chance to win the general. I didn't say what they do is wrong. So don't put words in my mouth. Obviously they have a particular bias and that's fine. But they don't speak for me, maybe for for you they do but not for me.

        I suggest you take your sarcasm and attitude somewhere else! And watch how you talk to ppl.

        NY-9/NJ-10; Russians can give you arms but only the United States can give you a solution. -- Anwar Sadat

        by BKGyptian89 on Tue Apr 16, 2013 at 02:16:17 PM PDT

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      •  Peggy Lamm (0+ / 0-)

        over Ed Perlmutter.

        "Once, many, many years ago I thought I was wrong. Of course it turned out I had been right all along. But I was wrong to have thought I was wrong." -John Foster Dulles. My Political Compass Score: -4.00, -3.69, Proud member of DKE

        by ArkDem14 on Tue Apr 16, 2013 at 04:40:24 PM PDT

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