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View Diary: Thank You for Smoking?: The President's Pre-K Plan (114 comments)

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  •  I Am Just Boiling Mad About This..... (10+ / 0-)

    And the only reason I'm not even more furious because it strikes me as unlikely that this will pass through the Republican House.  How horrifying is it that Speaker of the House Boehner is the only thing standing in the way of another cowardly gut punch from Obama to the poor, the abused, and the mentally ill who represent such a huge share of cigarette smokers?  How is it that people who do this to low-income smokers....and the Republicans....are the only choices Americans have in elections.  I'm probably grinding my teeth to nubs at night with my furor about what is going on in America today.

    •  I did not vote for the president. (2+ / 0-)
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      PennBrian, helfenburg

      I voted for Sen. Udall and Madrid-Erhart for Rep.  I voted Democratic but, not for this president.  I already figured out by his actions that he is a Neo-liberal corporatist to the right of Nixon before the election.

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