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    Biggest problem with the show so far this season is it is drunk on its own hype.  In its attempt to be so very serious, so very symbolic that it is tripping over itself to leave very serious clues for analysis and as result has descended into absurdity with truly head twisting are you kidding me moments.  Don reading Dante's Inferno on the beach in Hawaii - are you kidding me?  And just in case you didn't get that, last night they had a scene completely out of character, where Don instead of taking over and ordering dinner for Sylvia, is suddenly flummoxed over what to order at an Italian restaurant, like this is a new experience for him. And why? So Sylvia can order for him, are you ready - Steak Diavolo.  Get it?  Yeah, heavy...

    This came on top of finding out that Sylvia, who is married to a Jewish doctor, is actually Italian.  Why? Because it allows her to be connected with Dante and have opera on the sound track every time they have sex.  Ridiculous.

    But the most unexplainable moment last night for me, completely ignored in the above analysis, was Sylvia relating to Megan's anguish over her miscarriage because the two of them were raised the same way.  At the time, thinking Sylvia was Jewish, I had no idea what she was talking about but then later I realized oh, you mean Roman Catholic? What? We've actually seen Megan's parents - isn't her father a socialist or Marxist or something like that.  If anything you would expect she was raised as an atheist or agnostic, certainly not a Roman Catholic who would in 1968 have any qualms about having an abortion at a moment in her life where she wasn't ready for a child.  To have her suddenly tack to the direction they took her last night was just dumb and unbelievable.  

    But perhaps that's a small moment in an episode that has a prostitute say "find your own sins" or something like that.  Oh, that's real believable.  And have his uncle say the nonsense about being the rooster in the hen house, oh wow, just like Don now is the rooster in his...ugh.

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