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  •  It's painful to watch MM... (6+ / 0-)

    ...way too real. A NY'er, I hated men (and male-identified women) in the '60's & '70s when dumb fucks like Don & his friends liquid lunched and pawed & hooted at young women vaginas walking down the street. Not until the '80's did the public square civilize enough for the hatred to lift. Hatred for your own species is a deeply pathological state yet then also a rational reaction to a deeply pathological time & culture. There was never tobacco, alcohol, or divorce in my somewhat matriarchal family or ancestry so entering the workforce was like walking onto a field of battle.  

    What happens to Don Draper?

    If MM is true to its realism Don will very soon end up like most of his cohort, on sick leave coughing and spitting up blood and tissue as he cluelessly and painfully dies in his 50's from lung cancer leaving behind a trail of pill addicted wives & girlfriends who will follow him to an early grave from stress and cancer. His kids will have unhappy, disconnected lives addicted to various psychoactive substances and untethered to the structure or self constraint necessary for healthy lives. Meantime, the rest of the nation rebels in disgust, people of color, women, and youth rebel and rapidly change the culture and the gay scene explodes out of hiding.

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