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View Diary: Judge in Bradley Manning Trial Orders U.S. Government to Prove He Knew Leaks Would 'Aid the Enemy' (68 comments)

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  •  The American leaders (10+ / 0-)

    driving the war on terror have done much to "aid the enemy." Bradley Manning, by contrast, has served humanity. Don't look now, but the nutty doctor from Texas is making sense again:

    Ron Paul: Bradley Manning Promotes Peace More Than Obama

    Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, who is accused of providing an enormous stash of classified government documents to WikiLeaks for publication, deserves a Nobel Peace Prize more than President Barack Obama, according to former Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

    "While President Obama was starting and expanding unconstitutional wars overseas, Bradley Manning, whose actions have caused exactly zero deaths, was shining light on the truth behind these wars," the former Republican presidential contender told U.S. News. "It's clear which individual has done more to promote peace."

    •  nutty doctor, hey what do you mean? (2+ / 0-)
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      PhilK, markthshark

      this is part of the way that issues or ideas that don't fit the empire's view of the world are marginalized

      call him a nutty doctor rather than consider what he says

      One very common tactic for enforcing political orthodoxies is to malign the character, "style" and even mental health of those who challenge them. The most extreme version of this was an old Soviet favorite: to declare political dissidents mentally ill and put them in hospitals. In the US, those who take even the tiniest steps outside of political convention are instantly decreed "crazy", as happened to the 2002 anti-war version of Howard Dean and the current iteration of Ron Paul (in most cases, what is actually "crazy" are the political orthodoxies this tactic seeks to shield from challenge).
      This method is applied with particular aggression to those who engage in any meaningful dissent against the society's most powerful factions and their institutions. Nixon White House officials sought to steal the files from Daniel Ellsberg's psychoanalyst's office precisely because they knew they could best discredit his disclosures with irrelevant attacks on his psyche. Identically, the New York Times and partisan Obama supporters have led the way in depicting both Bradley Manning and Julian Assange as mentally unstable outcasts with serious personality deficiencies. The lesson is clear: only someone plagued by mental afflictions would take such extreme steps to subvert the power of the US government.
      most of the article is about how Chomsky has been discussed over the years

      also - check out the way that hide ratings have been used here on dailykos

      •  Uh, Don, I was being ironic (3+ / 0-)

        this should've been a dead giveaway:

        "is making sense again"
        And  surely you've read enough of my stuff by now to know where I'm coming from.
        •  david - i was being ironic as well (1+ / 0-)
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          at the time I wrote this I was generally aware of your positions

          but the more important point is to highlight how personality and slanders are used to attack positions that are not in the main stream, i.e., those who support the 1%

          i well recall a physician friend and his wife watching an interview of Bill Clinton and they came to the conclusion he was lying about his affairs. They took that to being politically engaged. In other words, personality over all.

          Chomsky spent most of his life being published by a small company in the Boston area.

          What would the world be like if he was center stage?

          From my two years at Berkeley in the 60's, Chomsky on the steps of Sproul Hall stands out from the hundreds of speeches that I heard.

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