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View Diary: Dan Savage: I Wasn't "Pushed Out" of the Catholic Church. "I Walked Out." (98 comments)

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  •  Yes and no. (6+ / 0-)

    Mr. Byers did violate his marriage vows. He could not expect to remain married. He also did violate his contract with his school, and could not expect to remain employed there.

    But, he violated no such contract with his brother and parents, who essentially excluded him from their lives. Also, it appears (we don't know enough just from the review) that he has been cut out of his children's lives.

    Savage spoke of the totality of those events. As for the school, his point there is that the existence of a school that would ask teachers to sign such a contract is further evidence of that school/demonination's anti-gay bigotry. So, I don't see how Savage is wrong there.

    You're right of course, and Savage agress, that only certain versions of Christianity are anti-gay. As for him being one-sided, that's ok sometimes, and not ok other times. Depends on what one is writing about.

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