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View Diary: Dan Savage: I Wasn't "Pushed Out" of the Catholic Church. "I Walked Out." (98 comments)

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    Ian Reifowitz

    from watching activist conservative Christians is that the direction in which they're going is more definitely gnostic.  

    What they're doing is actually mirroring the universalizing trend in the culture, including their bete noir MTD (Moralistic Therapeutic Deism), and becoming wider- more ecumenical, to the point of open Catholic-Protestant comradery in political arms to alliance with Mormons, fringe Orthodox Jews, and conservative Muslims.  At the same time they're giving up on depth and social connection- letting the weak believers go and increasingly ignoring or shunning the unbelievers.  And their belief system is shedding concretes and specificity and real service in the world for increasing kinds and degrees of abstraction and insistence on belief.

    When All This collapses due to consequences of unbelief, as they insist it must, everyone will of necessity turn to their belief systems.  Of course.

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