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View Diary: Marijuana smokers didn't hurt America's economy: Cokehead BANKERS did! (85 comments)

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  •  Well, sure.... But the coke isn't the cause. (1+ / 0-)
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    It IS an ego drug, but it's not just a rich man's drug. It's always been quite popular among the working-class people I know. It doesn't turn you into a sociopath or a monster or a con man. Our street gang culture is just saturated with marijuana use. Obviously, the marijuana is not to blame for the criminality of that culture any more than cocaine is to blame for the criminality of the bankster culture.

    My main thing is that I think the entire drug war is a nightmare. Demonizing one drug, to make another drug look better seems counter-productive to me. It's the same type of mentality that has allowed coke-snorting rich men and politicians to support awful, draconian sentences for crack without any shame or mercy.

    I think we get each other's points here, really... I am pretty damn sure we have the same goals anyway. Smarter drug policy, and the unholy wrath of Satan on the thieving banksters. Right?

    You don't have the the ego  or the stunted moral development needed to make a living exploiting and ruining people .
    Thanks. Haha

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