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View Diary: Virginia moves to cut access to family planning and abortion for thousands of low-income women (62 comments)

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  •  Me too, it's about a womans' reproductive rights.. (2+ / 0-)
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    VirginiaBlue, Penny GC

    ..and that is a personal private matter.
    These theocratic anti-choice agressors are itching for a supreme court ruling knocking down those rights. It's been said by many that is one reason why the anti-choice groups are deliberately pushing the limits with these TRAP laws.

    "Defeating the Feds that are oppressing the states sovereignty!!!"  

    Until recent years, or maybe as near as months, it has been a real question if the current right leaning Supreme court would do just that.

    But judging by the atmosphere over-all, it seems like the country has evolved enough about womens' rights, especially with the youger generation that Roe v Wade would be something the court would probably choose not to do or even address out right imo - at least i hope so

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