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View Diary: Most Americans see their income taxes paid as fair (37 comments)

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  •  Typically, Gallups buries the ledes: (0+ / 0-)

    1) Far fewer believe their taxes are too high than they did under St.Raygun and Bush1.

    2) It's all just RW propoganda at work.  To quote Gallup:

    "The percentage of Americans who say their federal income taxes are too high is on the low end of what Gallup has measured historically, but more Americans than in 2012 expect their taxes to go up this year."

    Now, for working folks, thier taxes already went up, i.e. failing to renew the SS tax cut.  So this is just RW/Faux-ditto-blowhards parroting the 'BO's coming for your money!' bs.  

    And thus utterly meaningless except as a measure of how many stupid people there are in the US.

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