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View Diary: Most Americans see their income taxes paid as fair (37 comments)

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    would pay more if we had a more progressive tax system.  I mean why should a family, at say, 150% of the poverty level pay federal taxes?  Just to satisfy someone idea of morality?  That is silly.  It is like drowning a girl to see if she is a witch, or sacrificing a virgin so we can get a better harvest.

    Here is the thing.  It may be that as a percentage of income everyone is basically paying an equitable share.  It may be that 46% are not paying federal taxes.  But let me ask you this.  What kind of an asshole are you if you are making 4 times as much as someone else, and you still expect them to go dutch on dinner.  The same kind of asshole the top earners are when they think that equitable share is fair

    If I am a family and I am making 40K a year, that is about $750 a week for expenses.   Various federal taxes are going to reduce that to 650.  To live on for the week.  Take another $200 off the top for rent.

    If I am a family making $160,000, first I am paying a lower effective rate of some federal taxes off the top.  Second I have a base of $3,000 a week.  If I have a good tax attorney after taxes I am going to have at least $2,000 a week.  I know that many in congress does not think we can like on $2000 a week, but it is a damn site bette than $650.

    Of course, like the sacrifices of virgin, the poor deserve to be poor, and the rich deserve to be rich, and the feds should not interfere with the way that the lord intended it to be.

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