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  •  Good, nextstep--glad we've found some common (0+ / 0-)

    ground.  ;-)

    You know, the design of the ACA was to primarily target, or benefit, two groups:

    1)  alleviate government spending on health care--federal, state, local (county hospitlas, etc)--by shifting more costs to the health care user [or insurance beneficiary], which is the reason for the 'individual mandate,'


    2)  lower the cost of health insurance for entrepreneurs/small business folks.

    [Many of those folks (entrepreneurs/small business) don't have health insurance because preexisting medical conditions completely precludes them from coverage.  Or, in other instances, they were 'priced out of coverage,' unable to bear the cost of a 'highly rated' health care premium.]

    I still don't agree that when it comes to 'saving a buck,' we should throw away the hard bargained for benefits of our rank and file union folks.  To me that's unacceptable, regardless of the rationale.  (If anything, we need to push for everyone to have the same level of coverage that many folks in unions enjoy.)

    As a matter of fact, that sounds much like the rationale for the new Medicare Surcharge that I'll be blogging about soon.  The idea that this Administration is going to impose an additional Medicare premium (approximately a third higher premium, from the most recent brief that I've read) on those who are simply trying to carry comprehensive Medigap Insurance coverage, is also unacceptable.

    I think when this new policy proposal is fully understood by the public in general, we'll possibly have another 'Rostenkowski Moment.'
    One has to wonder if the impetus for this hideous new surcharge is to 'stifle folks ability to be able to afford health care services, especially expensive procedures.' Because that is exactly what it is likely to achieve.  

    The idea that seniors routinely opt for unnecessary treatments, surgeries, etc., is ridiculous, IMO.

    This type of policy clearly hurts more modest income seniors, who won't likely have the resources to afford many health care services if it requires high out-of-pocket expenses [copays or deductibles].

    I hope that we can get this toxic policy proposal eliminated.  And we've got to push back against its passage and implementation.


    "Only he who can see the invisible, can do the impossible."-- Frank L. Gaines


    by musiccitymollie on Wed Apr 17, 2013 at 11:18:41 AM PDT

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