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  •  Twitter is not journalism (0+ / 0-)

    What you are seeing is the lightning speed at which speculation turns to rumor turns to fact in this age of near instant communication.

    When I heard about the bombing I checked out the initial reports, watched a couple of short videos. Looked to see if there were any official statements and read same.

    And then I went back to work.

    I only am just now checking in for a second time and am thankful I shut off the fire hose. As it is there is still a lot of crap out there that is wasting our time. I'll be shutting off again in a couple of minutes and then come back later this evening.

    I'd suggest everyone else do the same.

    (Unless, of course, you have some immediate reason to be more concerned than the average person, such as if you know someone who was in the race and haven't heard from them.)

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