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  •  The Most Important Time Is Now (5+ / 0-)

    This was a relatively soft target

    It's how we react that will measure what's coming in the coming days.  If a relatively minor attack compared to 9/11 shuts the markets down and the economy down, we will see much more of this.

    It doesn't have to be foreigners either. Remember the two men who shut down the entire eastern seaboard with a Bushmaster and 10 dead.

    “ Success has a great tendency to conceal and throw a veil over the evil of men. ” — Demosthenes

    by Dburn on Mon Apr 15, 2013 at 08:07:36 PM PDT

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    •  people in Boston (at least in my circles) are not (1+ / 0-)
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      freaking out..early that it is.

       It is so many magnitudes less than the WTC that though MOST people will know people who were there (I do) and had a near miss, most people will NOT know someone who died or even was injured (144 people so far in hospital). Unlike 9/11. Knowing people who are directly effected inspires more terror probably.

      Somehow domestic terrorism to me anyway feels less...terrifying. Premature to know, but I suspect domestic terrorism. This is more like Oklahoma city. But less people will die (and a day care wasnt' targetted!)

      Many people lost limbs but since it was in downtown Boston less than a mile from 3 major hospitals, with first responders ambulances and medical supplies already on the exact scene for the Marathon, many lives were saved that normally wouldn't be I think.

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