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View Diary: Can I Make a Request of the Community? (31 comments)

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  •  Glad that all those you love and care about (1+ / 0-)
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    are unharmed.  Use the opportunity to reach out and share your concerns.  Everyone will be glad of the unique perspective you have of the area.

    Funny, but a year or so back, I joined  Before that, I only knew a little information on my Mom's side, Italian immigrants and knew nothing about my father's side, except for a few vague stories.

    My sister and I always felt like the grandchildren of our immigrant family, newcomers and slightly "other".  After researching on Ancestry, I traced my father's family back to someone who was nine when he disembarked on one of the three ships to arrive in Jamestown in 1610.  The first ships that had come earlier, all were lost and no signs of the people were found.... even of the 125 people who arrived in 1610, by 1625 fewer than 25 were still alive, including my ancestor.  He married a widow who had land in her own right, and he's considered one of the Original Planters.... he was granted Newport Newes by King George?  So it turns out, my sister, a union organizer, and me a hippy goat cheese maker.... would indeed be eligible to be DAR members.  It's a family joke....

    I hope that you find peace and reconciliation soon in dealing with this and it's proximity to your life.

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