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  •  I'll take June 10th (1+ / 0-)
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    It's the closest date to the one year anniversary of when we found out Andy was gone. I've been working on the story of my son's dog, which Andy, the inveterate cat lover, fell in love with. I've been glad he was not around to see the end of that story, though it would not have surprised him.

    Though I have not been to Boston myself, I was close to it recently on my way back home from Florida, when I stopped to visit Andy's friend and former dance partner, Deb, who lives on Martha's Vineyard, and his oldest sister, who lives in Acton. My first college roommate was from Worcester. Another friend and former lover, who now lives in Seattle, grew up in Boston. So I do have some resonances with the area. And more, with those who have lost loved ones, since my own loss is still so relatively recent.

    I have shed tears, and I send good thoughts and wishes for peace to those who are experiencing this latest tragedy first-hand.

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