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View Diary: Pres Obama Signs Bill Killing Anti-Corruption, Pro-Transparency STOCK Act Provisions (284 comments)

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  •  it's hard to not get caught up in exchanging punch (1+ / 0-)
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    for punch , but that changes the subject to the tone of the response and it becomes more and more personal instead of a debate about the issue. I don't do diaries so I'm not saying this as any suggestions on diary writing, but I do get involved in the comment section and altho I forget it every now and then I try to ignore anything that drifts away from the original point.

    Btw I'm speaking for myself when I say it's hard to not get caught up in exchanges, tit for tat and all but it really does lead away from the discussion which I'm sure from experience here makes some very happy.

    I know I said something similar upthread, but after reading this far down in the thread I felt an urge to say it again and just so you know I'm in total glad to see this issue posted today which is why (like I said above) I posted  reports on it on my Facebook wall earlier today.
    Including this one...

    What could make the House pass something in 30 seconds that the Senate also passed? What would motivate them to put aside their alleged “differences” and act in the best interest of the people? The answer is when they are not acting in the best interest of the people, but rather, in their own best interests.

    To that end, late last week, your congress quickly approved a measure that modified (aka, killed) a part of the STOCK Act (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act ), which was only enacted a year ago. The STOCK Act was supposed to address shady stock trades based on insider information.

    The Sunlight Foundation notes that the amendment passed with unanimous consent, though many members had gone home already. Huh. This doesn’t seem to work for measures that protect the security of the American people, like say, jobs. The Sunlight Foundation also pointed out what might be seen as a precursor of times to come, “The bill was not available to the public on the Library of Congress website until after the vote.” NPR noted that it took the House all of 30 seconds. “NPR’s Tamara Keith tells us the House procedure took exactly 30 seconds.”
    (all emphasis mine)

    without the ants the rainforest dies

    by aliasalias on Tue Apr 16, 2013 at 02:35:07 PM PDT

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