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View Diary: My Boston Marathon: Hope, Joy, Love and Perseverance (64 comments)

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    I left Boston over 20 years ago, but remembering the major community-wide inter-generational festive even that is the Boston Marathon, find myself taking this incident more personally than I would have thought. I know those neighborhoods, I know those streets, I've watched that race dozens of times.

    I don't know why I keep reading the news, since no one knows anything yet about why this happened, but I keep reading the reports and crying. Which I should probably stop doing.

    I'm glad there aren't a lot of people trying to use this to support whatever political agenda (at least not yet.) But it's hard to imagine what whoever did this thought they would gain. What's the point of doing something like this?

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      today when we were at the vet's office with our dog.  The person(s) who did this did not in any way know the Boston area.  

      They may have thought they were timing it for max impact...they will be proved right.  But not the impact they were seeking.  The Marathon will ROAR back next year, stronger than ever.  

      Clem had on his Red Sox collar and I, one of my Red Sox T shirts (circa 2004).  

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