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View Diary: Republicans embrace Social Security cuts they'll blame on Obama (294 comments)

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    Obama is not stupid or weak.  He is trying to get what he wants, and he wants cuts.  His history of saying so is well documented, since 2009.  He could have done other things, like only extending the tax cuts for <$400k for a year, and maintained his leverage.  He has consistently given up leverage so that Democrats are left with a Sophie's choice between cuts to entitlements and the sequester.  He shows where his heart is by reversing 80% of the sequester defense cuts in his budget and cutting Social Security.

    What is the reason to have a Democratic Party that does not stand up against cuts to the social insurance programs that have been its policy jewels since the New Deal and the Great Society?  What is our rationale if the President is allowed to destroy our brand, with the help of Democrats in Congress?

    This is his legacy.  The former head of the DNC doesn't know whether he can remain a Democrat.
    Howard Dean: Obama Might Drive Me Out Of The Democratic Party

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