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View Diary: Middle class could be hit hardest by chained CPI (41 comments)

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    I know nothing about living on a limited income, not death. I know quite a lot about that in a very real way having just lived with three people as they moved through their 70's, 80's and in my father's case up to 94.  Just because someone is retired and collecting Social Security does not mean they are incapable of making the choices that are the basis of Chained CPI, and when their ability to do that gradually decreases often family members and/or institutions from senior villages to nursing care facilities take over those decisions.  Those who are indigent are helped out by both protections in this plan and by Medicaid, which if you know anything about it in a real way you would know is a hell of a lot better than Medicare.

    I wonder how many people who are against CPI are against it on its own terms or just because it will mean simply less money paid.  My point is that we shouldn't back into proper SS payments by improperly inflating COLA payments. If only the amount of focus in opposition to the new plan was put to bear on the actual payments and not the .25-.3% adjustment to annual increases perhaps we would get to something meaningful.

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