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  •  Well, that was my point. (0+ / 0-)

    Young folks are trying hard to establish themselves, as they should be doing.  They're not looking that far ahead to retirement for themselves.  I can see how it would seem fundamentally unfair that they have to deal with that while simultaneously having to be responsible for the social safety net for others.
    I didn't mean to suggest that they don't care about their parents and grandparents, simply that in the crush of dealing with their own lives that they don't have a lot of energy left for what they see as the far future.
    Once they get older and more established they will have the experience and maturity to focus more outside their own lives.  In the meantime it's up to us to keep the safety net secure not only for our elders, but also for our young.

    •  Wisdom and maturity? (0+ / 0-)

      Every generation is looking out for their own interests. It doesn't benefit low-wage young people to pay regressive Social Security taxes when federal benefits for their own generation are so scarce.

      Most baby boomers and older still oppose fast action on climate change. Until that number changes, no one should get preachy about young people needing to mature and think about others. The deadly impacts of climate change will make Chained CPI look like a picnic, so think again about which generation is being more selfish.

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