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    This is very good work and I was glad to read it, for karma is often vastly misunderstood (not that I know a great deal of Buddhism), but there's a huge hole in the introduction; as you say, the title of the work is karma, but never is the word or concept properly explained, or why the superstition is mis-placed in a world of karma.  A writer simply has to accomplish that above the daily kos cow pattie.

    As I dimly see it, karma is also very much a pre-disposition to life, a set of circumstances and humanity as a consequence to the actions of many lives preceding it. One is constantly re-born, what you do in this life will carry on, not just vanish. Sometimes in very nasty ways.

    So--again, my understanding is dim--when Kevin Costner pulls over his van in Field of Dreams to pick up a hitchhiker and says "I need some good karma," he doesn't get it. The good he does now will reflect and reverberate in unseen ways far into the future, not just into his immediate present.

    This work very much deserved to make it to the list, the editors are wise here.  The minor error won't happen again, this writer makes good choices.  I'm not some master writer, either, and I often deliberately break the rules.

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