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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections 1Q 2013 House fundraising reports roundup (38 comments)

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  •  The blue side (0+ / 0-)

    In the blue side (the seats in Democratic hands) the alone incumbent that is not leading is C Rangel in NY-13. This talk a lot about the solid strength of the Democratic Party looking at 2014.

    Also, the alone Democratic incumbent is a EVEN or R+ seat that raised less than $100k is C Shea-Porter in NH-01. If someone want to help here surely will be welcomed.

    Weaker than expected KY-03, TN-05 and TX-15.

    Waiting about MI-14 and Maine (ME-01 and ME-02) that can get open still.

    All seems going well for the blue team. Always it is possible to lose some seat in the less favourable district, but the numbers are good. The Republicans have more weak points.

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