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View Diary: One thing non-Detroiters really don't get about Detroit... (12 comments)

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  •  Kinda have to disagree with you (3+ / 0-)
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    born and bred in the white, working-class area you say doesn't really exist, Downriver. i grew up next to a steel mill in a town with no minority population to speak of, much like the towns around me.  and while you make a lot of good points in your broader themes, you glossed over a lot of important points when it comes to class, as opposed to race. and in some ways, your post is endemic to a bigger problem, the Detroit area isn't just Detroit and the northern suburbs. you just happened to forget that there's huge areas of the Metro Detroit area that have very little to do with both Detroit and the northern suburbs, because those more well off northern cities ignore and forget that there even are cities on the other side of Detroit.  and those cities actually have much more in common with Detroit than the northern suburbs. just saying...

    •  I'm not sure you're really disagreeing with me... (0+ / 0-)

      The reason I mentioned Oakland County is that they're a Charter County with an elected Executive. The man they've chosen to elect started his career as Defender of White Rights against desegregation orders.

      The reason I didn't mention white working class suburbs is that they are pretty much passive spectators as Oakland and Detroit rip the region apart.

      •  Maybe we don't disagree, but it's not only race (0+ / 0-)

        i'm just thinking that it's more about class than race at this point. misguided decisions that were made 40-30 years ago that sacrificed quality of life for dubious economic gains for the citizens but big gains for the main companies in the area are now undermining every effort at improving things. i'm thinking about the Poletown plant, among other decisions, which did wipe out a solid white, working class neighborhood, for a plant that's barely producing at it's capacity. and now, think about all the vacant space that's available! that wasn't necessarily a racial decision, but a flawed economic one.

        •  Don't worry.. (0+ / 0-)

          I freely acknowledge Detroit's problems are myriad, sundry, varied, complex, and all that other shit. My ambition is to write a diary a day for a month or two, which will allow me to scratch the surface.

          I'm starting with race because a) I want to get yelling at Yglesias off my to-di list, and b) most possible solutions to Detroit's problems are doomed because the solvers don't realize how big a deal race is in the region. In places like Cleveland it's possible for the 'burbs and the city to fight without anyone implying that anyone else is racist.

          Everybody's got class issues like Southeast Michigan does. Nobody has race issues like Detroit does.

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