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  •  This is why ACA is such a dumb law (3+ / 0-)
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    to begin with.  There is no making this shit sandwich any tastier with "tweaks".

    It needs to go.. lock, stock and barrel.

    First off, while your proposal makes sense, there is no political will to do so.  And with the House gerrymandered into 80% safe districts, it doesn't look likely that will change anytime soon.

    Many of us argued these points when ACA was being proposed.  ACA is bad for the economy. Bad for businesses.. and really bad for workers.  We will end up with more people without insurance after ACA kicks in than before.

    Contributions should have been payroll deductions with employer matching.  That way, if a worker works 3 different part-time jobs, he/she (and his/her 3 employers) contributes with every hour they work.

    And - since every hour worked is taxed, no employer is at an advantage for putting people at part-time.

    I have predicted 2014 is going to be a very bad year for Democrats with ACA kicking in.  The "safe" districts I mentioned above will, of course, mitigate that somewhat.  But once voters find out what a crappy bill ACA really is, there will be political costs to Dems.

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