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View Diary: The Right Wing Media Is Nervous - Updated (240 comments)

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  •  if the bombs were designed ... (0+ / 0-)

    ... to explode such that the shrapnel flew outward, parallel to the ground (which seems consistent with the injuries they've reported), that would add another twist to the whole thing. For one, that would be a much more sophisticated design (and a much more capable bomb maker). It could also indicate that the intent was to maximize injury and minimize killing.

    •  Or it could just mean (0+ / 0-)

      That the idiot put the thing in the trash can with top opening of the pressure cooker down, not up.

      The bulk of the blast would spread out at the bottom, as the pot would be driven up by the force. Like a rocket. And if there was much trash or anything heavy on top of it, that would also force the blast out at the bottom.

      And finally, if the can was weakest at the bottom, as many trash cans are, that would also mean the shrapnel would exit there, at the weakest point.

      No sophistication required.

      •  as I said (0+ / 0-)
        if the bombs were designed ...
        I'm pretty sure, too, that they are no longer claiming the bombs were placed in trash cans. The most recent descriptions I've heard are that they were in black "bags" placed on the ground.

        And the person responsible for this senseless atrocity (assuming it's just one person), while monstrously evil, is no "idiot."

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