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View Diary: The Question of Socialism (and Beyond!) Is About to Open Up in These United States (9 comments)

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    Well written intro.

    Personally, I like a tweaked version of Parecon.

    To me, we could solve all funding issues easily. Eliminate money, profits, debt, taxes, borrowing, etc. Go to a system of citizen-owned funding. Electronic debit. Numbers are infinite, obviously. We would all hold them in common. Use them as needed. Our only limitation would be labor. If we can build it, we can build it. "Money" would no longer be a problem.

    All production would be owned in common by all people. We would merge municipal governance with state, regional and national goals. We would only produce what we all agree is necessary and sustainable. There would no longer be any method or vehicle for individual wealth, so no reason not to do what is best for society -- locally, regionally, nationally.

    Ecology would be key. We don't make it if it damages the earth.

    . . . .

    Since our current system is a fiction as it is, with some 1000 trillion in Derivatives being traded, with a fraction of a fraction covering that fiction . . . . we might as well use a better fiction that works for all of us. The current one works for the 1% or less.

    All means of production held in common, and the Commons stretch across the land. Our homes are our own. But all "business" is held in common.

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