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View Diary: Sanford: I trespassed at my ex-wife's house because my 14-year-old son was watching football alone (254 comments)

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    In a divorce, a kid's right to either parent is taken into consideration and the details of custody and visitation are worked out in court. It may not be a perfect system, but a divorcing couple is not a perfect situation, especially for the kids.

    Unfortunate, maybe, but the kids' right to spend time with either parent is prescribed by the divorce agreement. She may be an asshole (she married him, after all) but her right to not have her home invaded by what appears to be an ex-husband stalker should trump his right to ignore the divorce settlement to watch a ball game with his son.

    The courts and their lawyers are already involved. If she is blocking his attempts to see his kids, he should plan ahead and get a court mandated visitation for his Big Game Watching party. If he thinks his ex is neglecting his boy by leaving him at home to watch the game alone while she goes out of town for the evening, he can talk to a judge about who gets custody.

    But what he can't do is pretend it is simply 'the' house instead of 'her' house, and walk in and make himself at home.

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