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View Diary: New Hampshire Republican says we need guns because 'children and vaginas' (79 comments)

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    Every time I read something like this, I think that they are saying that kids should have guns.  I don't disagree.  If parents want to give their kids, fine.  Kids should have the ability to defend themselves if everyone else is going to have a gun.  If that is what he is saying, then let's make that law.

    As far the vagina thing goes, replace it with cunt.  They are equivalent.  Both reduce a person down to some males perspective on what a women is good for.  And many women agree with this, like the mothers who think their son's secretly taping sex and then distributing that sex is not a sex crime.  That somehow the purpose of the girl is to be serve their son's  That may be what those women's life involve, but most in the US think they have the freedom of self determination.

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