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  •  Completely baffled (4+ / 0-)

    I have no idea what he meant when he said federal employees are exempt.

    In that paragraph, he goes back and forth between the rules that apply to individual taxpayers and the rules that apply to companies.

    Federal employees have really good insurance coverage. I poked around the website with info for federal employees on which insurers and policies were available in the employee's region.

    The employees get to choose which works best for them, but they all look pretty good.

    Does this CEO guy think that federal employees, as individual taxpayers, get some kind of exemption not available to others?

    Federal employees will be able to check off the box that says that they have the minimal coverage required so they don't owe a penalty--but so will just about everybody else who gets health benefits from work.

    Beats me. Complete mystery.

    But I don't want to write him to say: "Huh?"

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