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View Diary: Fundie President of Eden Foods Responds (241 comments)

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  •  I do drink soy milk regularly (8+ / 0-)

    I definitely will never drink Eden's.

    I drink it because my hormones are messed up and it keeps me from having bad hot flashes and more. I chose to do that now since previously I was taking birth control but have gone off and hoping periods are over with.

    I was on birth control because without it I would have bled to death. I almost died at one point. I ended up in the hospital getting a shot of Premarin and two pints of blood. At that point I was given the choice of birth control or having my reproductive organs removed.

    So it was never a life style choice. Nor is it ever an employer's business nor their right to chose what kind of treatment I would be allowed.

    I am highly offended by anyone who thinks they should be the one making such decisions for others. In no way for any other medical treatments life-saving or life style are employers allowed to make these decisions for their employees. Seriously this is discrimination.

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