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  •  Stereotypes? (2+ / 0-)
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    Shahryar, radical simplicity

    Gimmie a break I am not  stereotyping anyone here. I was curious as to which religious 'group' would deny what they considered 'life style choices' on what they allow their employee  heath care to be covered for. Are you arguing that this is okay cause we all ought to get over stereotyping religions that seek and do unfortunately inflict their religious insanity, based on what ever crackpot thing they believe is divine?

    Okay. The creepy dude belongs to a religion that hates, fucking hates women. It may have been around since the Romans but it''s just a nasty creepy cult. I know wherein I speak as I spent my youth in Catholic schools. The Church is one sick cult they fucking hate women and sex or anything that humans do that is natural and humanistic or is not based on the concept of SIN and a God that is some kind of male asshole. One who of course gets a pass for buggering children and laundering fascists money.

    There are other either offshoots of Christianity or Muslim or any religion that requires one to leave their brains and souls and morals at the door and to follow their strange anti human dictates. Your telling me there are no cults other then Fundamentalist Christians? Get a grip I've  lost several long time friends to cults that while not Christian, are still fundamentally sick. I will not get over my objections to religious loonies even if they make good food.    


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