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View Diary: Supremes resist efforts to force blood draws from suspected drunk drivers (21 comments)

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  •  I am in total agreement with the justices (0+ / 0-)

    I have always felt that establishing a law for what can a person is allowed to have in their blood was a violation of civil rights.

    I believe it treats impaired drivers unfairly, and that some equally impaired drivers are treated less harshly under the law than others simply due to the reason for their impairment.  I believe that it is the level of impairment, not the reason for it, that should be the legal issue.  

    But, that horse has left the barn.

    I am entirely opposed to these invasions of our bodies, and am entirely in support of any Supreme Court decision to put a stop to it.  A friend of mine applied for a job to as a computer programmer a few weeks ago, and was required to take a physical.   Both she and I found that horribly invasive and offensive.  No employer should be allowed to require such a physical invasion unless the safety of other persons than the employee are involved.    If it's just the employee at risk, then the employee should be given information about physical requirements for the job, and be allowed to assess them for himself without revealing his private information to an employer, and basically, decide for himself what risks to take.  

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