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  •  You have to understand that human (3+ / 0-)
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    Spit, AnnetteK, worldlotus

    nature is what makes us speculate. We all want to guess whodunnit and get it right. Since the investigation seems to be moving along very swiftly, it adds to the perceived pressure on the public to speculate asap in order to come up with crime theories before the police announce what the truth is. In this case everyone has (probably) got a limited amount of time to guess whodunnit before the game is up, which is why everyone is scrambling to figure this shit out asap.

    •  Oh, I agree (2+ / 0-)
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      AnnetteK, worldlotus

      I don't even think that's awful, I think it's to be expected that we will do this. As I said, the human brain seeks patterns, it's what we do.

      I just also think that we're fools if we take our own random guesses all that seriously. Wondering whether X is different from declaring that X must be the spot.

      And some of this stuff -- I mean, posting random photos of random people all over, to dissect and comment upon all sorts of ways in which they are suspicious -- that's pretty questionable on any number of levels. I could come up with plenty of higher-mightier criticisms; partly, it's also just mean. They don't deserve to be dragged through some internet court process commenting on their shirt color or relative pudginess or whether they look suspicious.

      The rest -- outside of the media, where I find it terribly irresponsible -- is mostly just annoying, IMO.

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