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View Diary: HERO: High Schooler Protests 'Slut-Shaming' Abstinence Assembly Despite Principal's Threats (266 comments)

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  •  My rural high school in Texas rewarded (22+ / 0-)

    those who complied and acquiesced to the school "adults." And they punished those who spoke their mind and upset the stable order.

    As a sophomore male, I wanted to be the school's mascot, leading pep rallies and travelling to sporting events. But I was told that a male could not be the mascot. Why? Well, it had always been a female, and it would create problems when travelling overnight due to my sex and the all-female cheer squad. I argued and fought for 8 weeks, even going in front of the school board to plead my case. But to no avail. They refused to even entertain the idea, even though no one else wanted it; a member of the cheer squad was relegated to it, even though she didn't want it and would have rather been in cheer uniform.

    All my arguments were met with "it's just not done" or "it's not feasible." Granted, it was the early 1980s, and sex segregation in sports was still rampant. I would have likened it to the exclusion of females from athletics because it was "just not feasible," etc. Today, if my son wanted to be the school mascot, I'd have the ACLU and other organizations all over it if they refused him a tryout.

    I still am angry for that decision. I'll never forget.

    "Women shall not control their own reproduction." Fallopians 10:16 --Republicans' new Eleventh Commandment.

    by BlueMindState on Wed Apr 17, 2013 at 04:27:15 PM PDT

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