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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: 'Shame on you!' (113 comments)

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    We have a president who is a coward.

    He could say "Hey Pryor, you want to guarantee to lose your primary"

    He doesn't, he is a coward and since he agrees with so many conservative ideas I think he is happy.

    And before you "hiderate me", especially the clap louder crowd, let me quote a man with guts, John Boehner who admonished a ranking congressmen for attacking the CPI.

    Now if that doesn't tell you that the Obama Inc Pete Peterson "Grand Bargain" isn't coming for our money, then you don't know a thing about politics.

    Donate to the PCCC, DFA and other honest true progressive groups.
    I hope they run ads against all the Peterson fetishists.

    And although I dont agree with Bloombergs corporate politics, I hope he drops MILLIONS just to smear pieces of sh!t like:
    that clown Heidi Heidcamp
    and the worst of the worst Senate leaders, Harry Reid.

    They have blood on their hands, and lets pray their "legacy" will be ruined forever.

    If Daily Kos doesnt stand with our sister groups, its time for this site to shut down.

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