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  •  even though this diary is not really a diary (0+ / 0-)

    the point it makes is very very important

    we all have been reading/looking at the diaries and comments that vilify the prez etc.;

    very emotive very destructive very self-defeating

    anyone who claims to be cognizant of the problems we face here in the usa must never give in to such sentiment

    the human race has been around a very short time in relation to the cosmos, and more of us are better off than ever before, despite which inhumanity also continues

    the vote is important even if it's manipulated; for the last two presidential elections it was pbo's standing which won, against a money machine, and despite the mass media beguilement of the populace

    we progressives should have a rule:  we vote for the one less obviously corrupted, if that's the only choice

    if those who've lost their senses over the latest punch to our gut aren't committed to working with what we have, they shouldn't be on kos

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