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View Diary: Mr. McConnell: Tear down this wall! (4 comments)

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  •  Clem, you're being unduly sophist. (0+ / 0-)

    From an online Washington Post lead:

    "The bipartisan Manchin-Toomey bill to extend background checks to gun shows and Internet sales has died in the Senate. It got 54 votes, but that wasn’t enough to overcome what was essentially a Republican filibuster."

    And from another Post dispatch:

    "But, to end debate, on even one amendment, requires 60 votes — a process known as invoking cloture."

    And political scientist Jonathon Bernstein puts an even finer point on the matter:

    "The correct thing to say about this is that the amendment was defeated by filibuster. It's a little tricky, but that's the essence of it. The UC agreement under which the amendment (and all amendments to this bill) is considered requires 60 votes; that's agreed to in order to avoid a cloture vote, which is necessary because of the standing GOP plan to filibuster everything. It is wrong to say that "Senate procedure requires 60 votes." Senate procedure only requires 60 votes in case of filibuster. Which, under current conditions, means in virtually all cases. Manchin-Toomey is defeated by filibuster."

    Which isn't all that different from a Republican permanently "flibustering" a presidential nominee's confirmation by placing a secret hold. They get to pretend their hands are clean, when the gunpowder marks are all over them.

    Pretending this isn't, at bottom, what actually happened to the background checks amendment is to be one of those enablers I blogged about.

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