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  •  taggants in gun powder is trite (2+ / 0-)
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    Achillios0311, oldmanriver

    Most gun powder is used in the firearm discharge which has its own traceability science. But if I am putting hundreds of rounds a week through a decent shotgun or an agency authorized pistol I really wouldn't want any non combusting plastic going through the barrrell w/ every shot.

    In truth the cops probably are most opposed to gun powder taggants. A misfire in the line, no mater how unlikely, could be their very life.

    The most likely Boston source is shotshells with large bb size so they could also use the bbs. Maybe bulk powder but that is easier to track because it is much less commonly sold.

    The reality is that there is only one store that carries, in stock in every location, everything we have seen, and can reasonably project, that they used in Boston. That store has a nationally proven system of recording every transaction and photographing every single customer ...  

    Sure they may have shopped around, but they didn't.

    They are lazy minded and they probably laughed when they thought they were getting away with something by purchasing two or three r/c toys, boxes of shot shells, extra bb's, nails, crock pots, duffel bags and maybe even new hoodies at famously low prices. And they were, but some one had to re stock that shit last month and there's a record. And how many guys around Boston bought a bunch of shotshells only one time last year?

    I bet only one or two guys did. I bet the receipts convict them. Not taggant.

    Terrorist investigation in aisle three anyone?

    Ride for the High Country

    by The Ex Cowboy on Wed Apr 17, 2013 at 09:34:43 PM PDT

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