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View Diary: Top Comments - The Limitless Ego of Mark Sanford (68 comments)

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  •  What galls me most (6+ / 0-)

    about this man is how he used his religion to absolve himself of his misdeeds. If he were truly repentant, he would never seek public office again.

    In his run-off victory speech he actually said this crapola while maintaining a straight face.

    I want to thank my God. I used to cringe when somebody would say I want to thank my God because at that point I would think this is getting uncomfortable. But once you really receive God’s grace and have seen it reflected in others you stop and acknowledge that grace and the difference He has made in my life and in so many live across this state and across the nation.
    What a load of self-serving, self-appeasing garbage. You are right, Ben, that this man is all about his own ego.

    Nice job.

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