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  •  I've been tired for 30 yrs (2+ / 0-)
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    FarWestGirl, Beezzley

    You have kids and you spend the rest of your life in fear...our planet is in grave danger, some crazy matter where you live...could gun down, bomb, run over you kid, the corporations are taking away their ability to live a productive life. It's endless and exhausting.
     Now I have a grandbaby who almost went to the marathon with my daughter, it was such a beautiful day she wanted to go...yes, we live near Boston.  
    I've been here for over 10 yrs. and this city really does grow on you, I love to say I'm from Boston and this is a real pain you feel, it hurts deep. You see those images in your sleep, you seek any good news but those pictures bring you to tears all over again. That beautiful young woman, Krystal who died was just a few months younger then my son.
    You either live with the fear and go day to day or you let it paralyze you.

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