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View Diary: Liveblog: Fertilizer Plant Explosion Injures Dozens in West, TX (305 comments)

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  •  I really don't think that's a threat... (5+ / 0-)

    More than likely it's an insensitive jerk taking advantage of a horrible situation to throw hateful words around.

    There was a fire, the water hit chemicals, there was an explosion...Nothing nefarious. Just a terribly sad and horrific accident.  

    •  there (3+ / 0-)

      is where things really do get interesting

      Nothing nefarious
      Nothing nefarious? Just an accident? We have industrial safety for a reason. Its not exactly new that ammonium nitrate is dangerous. This is absolutely a thing for which people will be responsible and will have to be held responsible, but not for the explosion and death now happening but for why it could happen in the first place.

      We had an oil tank storage in the harbour of Rotterdam: the biggest oil transit point in Europe at least: well the city hall had clerks whose job it was to oversee regular safety checks on those tank hulls, and the company was supposed to check them regularly .. but that would have been effort on both sides, so for decades city clerks just stamped papers presented by company people for "checks" trhat had never actually happened.

      Until neighbours complained about the fume smells and it eventually came out. That was a MAJOR catastrophe averted by sheer luck, just in time.

      So, ... nothing nefarious? Now this is just tragedy there, and it needs to be gotten through until things are secure, but then there will have to be a lot of accounting.

      in a way, for me, if this was a man consciously blowing something up, or if this blew up because many people did not do what they had to do, which is worse really? Hard to say.  

      •  Negligence, etc. but no deliberate attempt to blow (0+ / 0-)

        the place up. We've been having high winds all day. They shouldn't have had that large a quantity of explosive fertilizer in a position to do that much damage, period.

        You can't make this stuff up.

        by David54 on Wed Apr 17, 2013 at 10:58:14 PM PDT

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        •  fire on the ground / structure @ the plant (0+ / 0-)

          before the first tank blew....springtime, in Texas.
          Wanna bet it started in dry grass?

          LBJ, Lady Bird, Van Cliburn, Ike, Ann Richards, Barbara Jordan, Molly Ivins, Sully Sullenburger, Drew Brees: Texas is NO Bush League!

          by BlackSheep1 on Thu Apr 18, 2013 at 12:21:17 AM PDT

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    •  His life will get interesting. Good. nt (2+ / 0-)
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      DeadHead, Dem Beans

      "Politics should be the part-time profession of every citizen who would protect the rights and privileges of free people and who would preserve what is good and fruitful in our national heritage." -- Lucille Ball

      by Yamaneko2 on Wed Apr 17, 2013 at 10:12:44 PM PDT

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