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    You just can't educate some people!

    It seems to me that the Republicans, once they gain control, can trick the worthless citizens - scientists, philosophers, medical researchers, solar and wind technologists, artists, musicians, actors (mostly liberals anyway) into believing that the sun is going to explode and then send them off on a space ship to a planet that the deluded scientists think is habitable (they are really just holes in the sky where we can see a bit of the glory of heaven) and then the Randian paradise on earth would commence - no evolution, no alternative energy, no gay marriage, no "ferriners," no birth control, all the guns your little heart desires, etc. Victims of demon-caused disease would be cured by laying on of hands.

    Oh wait, Douglas Adams had a similar plot and it somehow did not work out very well for those who stayed on the home planet. It turned out that telephone sanitizers did have a purpose!  And our "worthless" citizens are much more useful than the ones Adams envisioned.  At least we think so!

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